Can we all agree that the ancient ‘Here Comes The Bride’ processional song from circa 10,000 BC is played out? Thank you! So… we’ve selected some songs that would make for great alternatives to that ‘traditional’ wedding tune. But before we get to the list, let’s set the scene…

Picture the glowing bride – gracefully floating down the aisle towards her doting groom, whilst being watched by those extra special nearest-and-dearests, who have come to either celebrate this beautiful union of love, or simply gorge themselves with cake and Snapchat the cringe worthy in-laws dancing to the Macarena. A little uncouth we know, but these things happen. Luckily, we have the perfect music to calm the atmosphere and relieve all the big day tension and anxiety – leaving only blissful harmonies and full hearts.

1.     Ever heard super cute sisters – Lennon and Maisy’s cover of Boom Clap? Seriously, have a listen. Potent with those ‘feel good’ vibes the reverbed melodies will echo throughout your venue, captivating the ears of your guests whilst providing a blissful feeling of self-confidence, key for any nerve-racked bride!

2.     If you love Twilight as much as we do, you will love Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. This film score is easy and gentle to digest, ensuring you will get that butterfly-tummy feeling. And uhhh, just wait for the chorus. You will literally melt, feeling all gooey and good inside. Almost as much as when Edward tells Bella “Bella, you give me everything just by breathing.” … *sigh*

3.     Here’s a French classic for an exotic, sun-exposed summer wedding. La Vie en Rose by Andrea Bocelli is mesmerising to say the least. If you want fun with your traditional ‘picture-perfect’ wedding, this is definitely your soundtrack. Parfait!

4.     Keen to shake off those strict, formal constraints of a stiff (and sometimes suffocating-ly British) wedding? Buddy Holly’s Everyday is playful yet matrimonial enough to get the bride skipping gleefully up the aisle. A song for all those lovey-dovey flower children out there; full of the wonder and joy of saying ‘I do’, without all the seriousness and tension to go with it.

5.     And finally, the heart wrenching Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez. This acoustic emotion stirrer will have your guests reminiscing about their awkward first kiss, the first love that got away, or in this case – when they first saw you and your soul mate tie the knot.

So there you have it! Our five songs providing a different approach to the biggest moment of your special occasion, hopefully smashing Here Comes The Bride down the aisle and into the car park.

Thanks for reading!