First of all, we would like to thank Elite Events and the Chelsea Old Town Hall events staff for having us down at The Chelsea Secret Wedding Fair. We had a great time at our very first wedding fair, having met some lovely couples, brilliant performers and savvy competitors.

So if you’ve been planning for the big day and you weren’t at the Chelsea Wedding Fair we can fill you in on what went down!

The Fair’s purpose is to serve as an all-inclusive wedding consultation, providing the recently engaged some peace of mind for the daunting task that is wedding management.

Picture a massive hall littered with tens of stands all specialising in every possible intricacy for your special day. Ranging from Botox services to what type of coffee to serve. With every other person looking like either a menacing villain, a vibrant hottie or a not so chiselled gentleman. It’s safe to say this year’s James Bond theme was in full fruition.

Looking back, it all did feel like a film shot in some illustrious Hollywood studio, as everything went perfectly. We had a great view of the stage, with our stall conveniently placed near the centre of the hall. So once we were done feasting our eyes, we did what we do best and that’s provide a bespoke live performance.

With Rick Leon James on Bass, Tomasz Bura on Keys, Leon Meade on drums, Gianluca Chiarella on Guitar and the lovely Acantha Lang and James Coleman providing the vocals. It was a safe to say we brought the groove.

But with other impressive performances from the Tigers, Christice Prentice and Keisher (S.H.E) we were definitely kept on our toes. Although It was a friendly vibe; everyone was there to help one another out using the opportunity to network and expand.

There was definitely a certain spirit, a traditional custom at this year’s Wedding Fair, which we loved and was able to slip into comfortably. Whether it be performers exchanging kit, companies recommending other stands to clients or some cheeky banter and helpful back and forth – we loved it all!

There was even a runway! We were in awe of some of the Bridal Dresses on display, the models were gorgeous as well and the hair! Don’t get me started. I wanted to marry them all on the spot! The men were as suave as a Spaniard’s suede boots and the women were as luscious as lemonade made in Limón.

Not just beauty was on display though, there was dance! Although it was hard to separate the two at times, with each routine possessing an eloquence unique to its choreography. All served as an excuse for us to have a little boogie.

Well, there you have it, the secretive Wedding Fair is no longer a secret. We want to let everyone know we had a great time, met some divine people, sipped a cheeky cocktail or two and we will be back, bigger, better and ready for more!

Thanks to everyone that came down, gave advice, inquired, helped, danced and enjoyed as that helped us feel more than welcome.