Ahh the song for your first dance, this is no mere piece of audio you want the DJ to play at the pub, no mind-numbing track of blissful ignorance belting in your car on the way to work and it is certainly much more important than you think it is – thank god your reading this.

There will a heap of songs you planned for the night that will get grannies, toddlers and that uncle you haven’t seen for years grooving to the beat of the drum that is you and your now, fiancée. 

As the night progresses, intoxication replaces inhibitions and pretty much any song will suffice your guests, but you won’t have this luxury for the first song, there will be eyes, digital cameras and Snapchats on the ready to capture… *dun, dun dunhhhhhh* the ‘moment’, as the bride and groom set the mood. 

There are two main components which make up not only a good first song but any song. The lyrics and the instrumental. 

The lyrics of your first song has to mean something, not necessarily to do with love but you don’t want the common mainstream topics of drugs, sex and violence to arise whilst you’re trying to serenade your other half. It’s already quite awkward being gawked at by a circle of your guests anyway. 

These will be the words that will echo randomly in your mind, the melody you sing every morning in the shower, the harmony you use to hum or hyperventilate. It will be your mantra, so for all of us please at least let it be worthwhile?

The best way to achieve this would be to really take time out to understand your partner as a whole and find a song you believe captures either them individually or better yet a song that can capture the similar impact of your partner in relation to another (you). This is harder said than done, as once you’ve found this song you need to consider how to dance to it. 

Which leads us to the instrumental! Putting words aside, the sonics of your first song has to compliment movement and not hinder nor force it. So put all of those club bangers with thumping bass, simple melodies and cringey one-liners out of your mind. There is a time and place for the “turn-up” and the first song certainly isn’t one of them.

We don’t like to confine to labels or in this case, genres, but it has to be said that ballads and slow jams between the spectrum of Folk, R&B and Soul usually strike the best balance between the groove and the libretto. 

These typically slower tempo tracks accommodate enough time between each beat for you to really convey the passion and depth you possess for one another, enough time to show off those dance moves, or that carefully planned dance routine but most importantly just enough time to lose yourself in a truly special exchange with your loved one. 

That’s what this is all about really, each individual knows themselves better than anyone, so don’t second guess yourself when it comes to choosing the right song, you know what your body moves to best. All the planning in the world may put your mind at ease, but your first dance becomes spontaneous and just like love, your sense of rhythm is innate, so it’s key not to over-complicate things and let the music do the talking. 

The first song on your wedding day is like naming your first born, you’ll either cherish that name as long as you live, or regret your poor decision making as soon as you realise what the nickname is for “Richard” two years later. 

In other words, you either find the song which will epitomise the relationship you hold so dear all in a matter of 3 and a half minutes, or you will look back on those old wedding videos featuring special commentary by your Nan and shun every second of the painful five minutes of your first dance.