Weddings are notorious for being incredibly stressful, particularly nerve-racking, and let’s not forget not too nice on the pockets too, especially if you plan to get wed away from home. However, with simple planning, brutal honesty and careful budgeting, your special day is only steps away.

So firstly you want to revisit every preposterous dream wedding you’ve ever conceived. From the depths of your memory like the magical Disney bride you so desperately craved to be as a child to the recent “Top 10 weddings” videos you’ve binged on YouTube, and no I don’t mean you have to spend countless hours figuring out how you even sat through a disney movie in the first place. Create a list of every dream/idea you can remember.

Once you’ve scoured the edges of your memory and you’ve got yourself a list which contains some random, laughable and the occasional ideal concept you can now move onto the drawing board.

Yes, this is the time to get serious, as you need to compile a list of viable destinations and venues but this shouldn’t stop you from approaching it with wide-eyes open enough to compromise when the time calls, ironically a bit of bubbly over the weekend with the other half should do the trick.

Categorise by wedding type and create a shortlist containing a minimum of three choices per wedding type. For example if you want to get married on a beach in the south of Spain, categorise that as a beach wedding and aim to find two other destinations and venues that differ in perks like the one with the best price, best venue etc. for that category. Using this you will end up with a shortlist that’s not going be a headache to choose the best one, which is exactly what you want.

After you’ve found “the one”, it’s time to shortlist your guests. This is a step that is easier than most make it out to be, well if you’re not a sociopath that is. Our very British tendency to do the nice thing and think of others is usually what intercepts the brain from reverting back to how most dating apps and websites gather shortlists for their users, which is simply see a face, say yes or no.

The British in me is sorry for being so blunt, but weddings are a ceremony of the love between TWO people. Your guests are there to celebrate that fact, so it only makes sense that whether they’re family, friend or foe, you select those who would be there to celebrate the sacred union and nothing less.

Now you’ve got your guest list, we can forget about the boring stuff and move onto what’s in season. It goes without saying that your colour scheme should somewhat reflect the season your wedding will be in.

Sharp hues of white, fiery tinges of amber and mulled-wine stains of red are the tones of winter weddings, while bright yellows and soft shades of pink in spring and summer will help bring life to your wedding venue.

Now for the most relieving part of planning, the shopping-spree. Now it’s the time to go completely mad but in a controlled manner of course, kind of like a mad scientist, this is your chance to experimental with styles and dressmakers from the stretches of the globe.

Before you unleash the beastly wedding shopper inside you, you need an eclectic idea of what beauty is. Take advantage of all the fashion connoisseurs you can think of whether they’re friends, family, magazines or blogs and let them bombard you with not just wedding dresses, but also veils, lingerie and shoes too. BUT don’t break the bank, whilst these things are important you must also remember you have a budget.

Food, the one thing that can make you happy when the special one in your life can’t. Now if you planned on going to St. Lucia to get married but were intent on serving sausage rolls, this next bit is especially for you.

Live a little, isn’t that the principal you adopted when you first set sights on being wed on foreign horizons? Travelling abroad should be an opportunity to embrace a unique culture packed with unprecedented experiences for newcomers. One of those unforgettable experiences will undoubtedly be food. So experiment with your cuisine, instead of thinking specific meals, refine your ideas to flavours and present them to a bespoke native caterer from your destination, and let them do the hard work.

Now it’s just the finishing touches left to arrange. That’s your bespoke musicians, your majestic cake of course, hired hairdresser and makeup artist. Be sure to have a photographer ready to capture everything as you’ll want to turn those special moments into ever-lasting memories.

All that’s left is the icing on the cake. Spoil yourself rotten, VIP lounge areas, private chauffeurs, buckets of champagne on ice littered around penthouse suites. This is the day to be frivolous, ignorant and downright naive with the remainder of your budget. If you can’t treat yourself on your wedding day, when can you?