Music Lovers Membership


Somewhere in a tiny little nightclub, around a quarter to midnight, gather the world’s most talented musicians, to share a drink, exchange gig anecdotes, and indulge in the most freeing, soul-firing, intoxicating live music jam you’ll ever witness in your entire life!

Find out what, where, who, why, and when so you can join us too. For just £8/month we will share with you the most intimate and private gig details… the ones which the general public have no idea about! Shhh!


Huge live music fan?

Benefit from our exclusive membership to get as close to the stage (and behind it) as feasibly possible.

Our enviable network of musicians allows us the opportunity to invite you to step right in to our world. Up close and personal with the most talented and mind-blowing musicians in the world.

Gain top secret knowledge of the places to be, and witness the secret jam sessions of the musically famous. These jam sessions are never open to the public, allowing you to witness first hand the magic of musicianship mastery!

£8 per month buys you VIP access, top-secret dates and locations, and an opportunity to meet & greet the musicians themselves.

Information and invitations delivered via email and through our private Facebook group.


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